Happy-Accident The Vessel Interview


The Vessel is the persona that via unaccounted for acceptance of aléa, entered into the world of Dr Mikey Georgeson. Upon becoming the mouth-piece of the performance pop-art group, David Devant and his Spirit Wife, they began to weave an emerging story of themselves as a spiritual conduit into life as an artist in Brighton. This interview agitates the stasis discursive, returning repetition of pre-given information into the repetition of a ritual extra-embodied encounter. What things mean in retrospect can be communicated as intentional when (according to the interviewee) meaning is in believing in the actual occasion of enchanting. Now thirty years later, this interview gathers thoughts about what happened when the natural consecutive forming of life circumstances was disrupted to produce a deviation of being. Catherine Malabou’s, Ontology of the Accident has given them some way of accounting for the sudden appearance of this conduit for a dead magician,

A form born of the accident, born by accident, a kind of accident. A funny breed. A monster whose apparition cannot be explained as any genetic anomaly. A new being comes into the world for a second time, out of a deep cut that opens in a biography. 


affect, vital-matter, agential-realism, Whitehead, Deleuze, Magic, emergence, aesthetic-ontology, expressivity, autopoiesis, Barad, song

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Mikey Benedict Georgeson (University of East London)





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